Thursday, December 15, 2011

Klondike Derby

The annual Klondike Derby is on its way to Spring Mountain District.  It is going to be held up Mount Charleston on March 2-3 2012.  There will be cold weather scouting skills and of course the Klodike Race!  More info to come.  Any questions email Kent Fabbi

The venue has changed for the Derby!!!! The new location is the McWilliams campground just outside of the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort up Lee Canyon.  The change is effective emmediatly.  To reach Lee Canyon travel north on US95 and turn left on Lee Canyon road(highway 156).  The ski logde is at the end of the canyon road and the campground turnoff is just prior to that (16 miles on Lee Canyon Road).  

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  1. The Klondike Derby will be held at the Kyle Canyon campground in the Toiyabe Forest. From Las Vegas travel north on Highway 95 to the Kyle Canyon juction (Highway 157). Turn left and travel approximatly 18 miles. The campground is on the left side of the canyon.

    Friday nigh: A Movie with Hot Chocolate and Donuts.
    Saturday: The Klondike Race and outdoor cold skills.

    Lunch will be served on Saturday.

    Cost: 7.00 per scout.

    See you there!